How to Get the Dark Descent Burgl Chip in Grounded

how to get the dark descent burgl chip in grounded 37006

If you have not played Grounded yet, do not worry! Grounded is an amazing game that has a lot of replayability! This game will immerse you in the world of Grounded and guide you through the various missions. There are many ways to unlock more rewards in the game. One way is to find the Dark Descent Burgl Chip. You must go to the Black Anthill, which is one of the largest areas of Grounded, in order to obtain this chip. You can enter this place through one of two entrances: The Sandbox and Trash Heap.

You can get help from BURG.L who offers you advice and backstory as you complete your missions. It seems that BURG.L is happy to meet you and is happy to chat with your questions. Grounded is currently in Early Access. Obsidian Entertainment promised more content in the future. You can still explore the world of Grounded and complete missions for BURG.L.

The BURG.L is an important robot in Grounded. It provides many benefits, including quests that reward raw science. It also has a Tech Chip Swap Shop that sells new schematics and recipes. The chips will be updated as more of these items become available. You can also find more BURG.L chip to aid your character. You can collect more than one of these if you use the right tricks!

How to Get the Dark Descent Burgl Chip in Grounded
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