How to Get the Most Out of Your New Balance 550 Outfit

You can get the most from your New Balance 550 by choosing neutral colors and pairing your sneakers with a classic, chic, and stylish outfit. There are endless possibilities. You can even pair your sneakers with a colorful outfit. Pinterest has a lot of great outfit ideas, so you don’t have to limit your options.

New Balance wanted to be a leader in the world basketball sneakers in the 1980s. Air Jordans were the hottest footwear at the time and New Balance was vying for market share. The popularity of the Air Jordans pushed the brand into the mainstream. The 550 was a great fit for the 1990s fashion scene, and it re-established its position among basketball shoes.

The Aime Leon Dore x New Balance 550 sneakers are a classy pair of sneakers that has a cool backstory. It first released as the P550 Basketball Oxford in 1989 but didn’t get any traction in the market due to heavy competition from other brands. However, a few years later, the NB550 has made a huge comeback. Teddy Santis, founder of ALD, redesigned and brought the shoe to life. The shoe’s clean design and range of colorways make it a perfect match with ALD apparel.

Kendall Jenner, a long-standing partner of the brand, recently wore a 530 silhouette in white and silver. Although sneakers aren’t groundbreaking, it’s still refreshing to see celebrities wearing nice sneakers. In the summertime, it’s not uncommon to spot a high-fashion model wearing New Balance sneakers in a casual outfit.

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Balance 550 Outfit
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