How to Help Pellar in Witcher 3

In the game Witcher 3, you have to help Pellar fight the witch hunters. There are three levels to complete. First, you must fight three Wraiths, then travel to the next marker. Then, you’ll have to battle the Rotfiends. After you have killed them, you will need to burn their bodies with the Igni sign and then fast travel back to Heatherton in order to meet Pellar.

Alternatively, you can kill three Wraiths to complete the quest. Killing three Wraiths will trigger a scene that updates your objectives. This quest will give you a lot of crowns as well as XP. Once you’ve completed it, you can use your Witcher Senses to find it. Pellar will be grateful for your help once you have found it. You can also buy herbs and alchemy supplies from him.

Pellar is located in the Velen region, near Blackbough. He mentions you during the conservation of the forest, but you won’t find his exact location until you’re done with it. You can help him by completing A Princess in Distress, the subquest. You will need to find the goat he is looking for during this quest. You can trade it for gold and other items.

Another way to help pellar, is to reach the body of Ambros his father. Killing a witch hunter will taint ritual grounds and call out the wraiths who want to kill you. It’s important to help the father if he’s been killed. The wraiths can attack you and your family if you don’t.

The next way to help Pellar is to sell herbs and alchemical items. You can also become a merchant and sell herbs if you want to make some money. You can sell these items for 250 XP and 50 crowns, but you can’t get rich off of it. You’ll eventually become a powerful merchant and start earning more gold. Although it’s hard work, you’ll be glad that you did.

Another way to help pellar is by completing the Forefathers’ Eve quest. This quest is also found in The Witcher 3 but requires pellar protection. This quest requires you to be at least level seven. After lifting the curse from Fyke Island, you will need to meet the pellar at night, then meditate until twelve. There will be many monsters, including drowners as well as water hags.

Use the Magic Lamp at the top of the tower to talk to Annabelle. If you refuse to help her, she’ll turn violent, and reveal her true identity. But if you’re able to complete this quest, you’ll find it much easier than you might have expected. Take your time, and enjoy the game! This game is one of the best! The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt offers many different aspects, and many side quests that are well worth the effort.

How to Help Pellar in Witcher 3
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