How To Improve Views On Your Travel YouTube Channel

How To Improve Views On Your Travel YouTube Channel

You’ve started a travel YouTube channel; well done. Now your dreams have been set in motion, and it’s time to get more views to increase your brand’s visibility and reach a wider audience. But how do you do that, I hear you ask? Implementing a few simple tools will broaden your appeal and help your target demographic find you. 

Get Optimized

YouTube users no longer only view videos from PCs like in 2005. Instead, they’re accessing the platform from all manner of devices with a wide variety of screen sizes and OSs. The upshot of this is that video uploads must be correctly optimized to play smoothly across all devices. A rookie mistake is not to optimize videos, thus decreasing the number of views due to potential viewers not being able to access the content on that channel. 

Create A Banner

Advertising is as important for web content as it is for physical products, so advertising is essential to attract viewers to your travel channel. People respond well to a visual stimulus which is why a well-designed banner has become an advertising mainstay on the platform. Use Adobe to create a banner for your page with their YouTube banner template. It’s super easy to use and gives you an excellent first impression when visitors arrive at the channel’s home page.


Speaking of visual stimulus, create interest-piquing thumbnails for each video. People as a whole have short attention spans, especially when scrolling through a lot of results. You can allow YouTube to set default thumbnails from a video still, but it’ll be a random image that likely doesn’t sell the content well. Take charge and create the thumbnails yourself to better catch people’s attention and increase viewing stats.


You can advertise your travel channel wonderfully, but if the content on offer isn’t up to expectations, it’ll all be for nothing. Ensure you regularly post good quality content that people will enjoy watching and recommending. Finding a niche keeps things exciting and fresh which viewers appreciate, but if there’s a long gap between uploads, they’ll quickly lose interest. Work out logistics to ensure you can keep up with the necessary schedule to keep an audience interested and take advantage of your unique perspective.

Reel Them In Titles

While clickbait-type titles work for the likes of Buzzfeed, a travel channel wants something aimed at the target audience. Relying on a thumbnail isn’t enough to catch someone’s attention; back it up with engaging titles they can’t go past. Try to tie in one or two keywords but don’t overdo it, or it’ll make no sense and not appear in search engine results. Instead, workshop a few title ideas for each video to ensure they get the best description they deserve.

Improving the traffic to your travel YouTube channel isn’t tricky. By taking time to ensure you’re providing good quality on-topic content, getting to grips with banners and thumbnails, and employing great titles, you’ll see viewer numbers steadily increase.

How To Improve Views On Your Travel YouTube Channel

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