How to Make Your Family Room Feel More Casual

How to Make Your Family Room Feel More Casual

Home décor and design is something that can be tricky. It’s a matter of picking styles that appeal to you, being mindful of current trends and hitting the right note in creating the kind of space you feel comfortable in. There’s also the fact that tastes change over the years, so what may have started as a fabulous design no longer fits your needs. If your family room has been feeling a bit too formal and lacking in personality, it may be time to bring a more casual vibe into the space. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can accomplish that.

Resist the Urge to Make Everything Match

All too often the emphasis in design magazines is that everything needs to match. It all needs to follow the same playbook in terms of color palette and theme. While these tips can bring a room together, the room won’t feel casual. Instead, resist the urge to choose matching items and think of eclectic style instead. That means things work together instead of matching perfectly. It gives you a lot more design freedom, which can be fun.

Traditional Furniture Doesn’t Have a Place

When it comes to casual décor, traditional furniture doesn’t have a place in the design concept. Unless it’s just a single small feature, it’s best to get rid of anything that feels standard and traditional. Maybe you can find another spot for it in the home or you can sell or donate the pieces. Instead, you want to look for pieces that are casual and have an emphasis on comfort. Even the fabric choice will be important, as it should be soft and plush.

A great example of a casual piece of furniture is a bean bag lounger that will instantly impart a casual vibe to the room. What’s great about bean bag chairs is that they are as practical as they are comfortable. Kids and adults can enjoy them and they can act as a focal point or item of interest in the family room. Use it in conjunction with other pieces so that there is variety.

Add Personal Touches – Make the Room Feel Unique

Designers often recommend that to make a room loom more casual it needs personal touches. These are unique to you, so you won’t find them in design magazines. Some great examples include a family photo wall, displaying a collection that is special to you, handmade art, whimsical items you have found, and so forth.

Layer Fabrics and Pieces Whenever Possible

The final tip is to layer fabrics and pieces where it makes sense. For example, using multiple throw pillows on the couch and throw blankets will create depth, texture and a sense of comfort. You can also use area rugs on top of hard flooring or even over the dated wall-to-wall carpeting you may have.

Using all of these tips and opening your mind to creative ideas and inspiration will help to create a casual and welcoming vibe in your family room.

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How to Make Your Family Room Feel More Casual

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