How To Mix-and-Match Your Two Piece Swimsuits for a Fresh Look


If you’re anything like me, you have a whole drawer of swimsuit tops and bottoms that have just accumulated over the years. Yet just about every summer, or late winter when it’s time for the annual escape-the-cold trip to Florida, you buy more to feel like you have a new look. But with the price of a swimsuit these days, not to mention the price of everything else, it’s getting harder and harder to justify adding another swimsuit to your collection when you already have so many options.

That’s where two piece swimsuits come in really handy. Mixing and matching tops and bottoms can yield new creations that look and feel like a brand new swimsuit. Say goodbye to the overworn two piece sets you’ve been wearing to the beach for the past two summers, and say hello to a fresh new look that doesn’t cost a cent. So dig into that swimsuit drawer and put your money elsewhere. Here are a few tips on mixing and matching your two piece swimsuits to get you started.

Mixing Solids: a Safe Bet

One of the easiest combos you can come up with when mixing and matching swim suit tops and bottoms is to stick with solid colors. It’s almost hard to go wrong when you put two solids together. It’s a swimsuit for a sunny day at a beach or pool, after all; colorful is good, bright is good, and neutrals are good. 

One of the only rules to mixing solids: avoid wearing a top and bottom that are the same color, but just slightly different shades or tones. For example, don’t go with a pastel yellow top and a bright yellow bottom. You might think it’ll look like one set, but it won’t. The difference is noticeable, and not in a good way. 

Solids and Patterns? It’s a Yes From Us

My personal favorite way to mix and match two piece swimsuits is to wear a patterned top with solid bottoms, or vice versa. It looks like an effortlessly perfect combo, and the solid piece lets the pattern do the talking. Our tip is to try to choose a solid piece that matches one of the colors featured in the pattern; this will tie the look together perfectly. Even if the color of the bottoms is one of many in the pattern, and even if it’s only a small part, it will help complete the look.

Mixing Prints: Same Theme, Different Style

Years ago, I’d never have even thought of mixing prints. But trips to the beach these past few summers have taught me otherwise. Mixing prints isn’t a total no-no. In fact, if done right, it can be eye-catching, colorful, and flattering. 

When mixing and matching prints, I like to keep the same theme, but with different versions. For example, if you choose a flower pattern, you could go for a big, bold version on the top, with larger, more defined flowers featured. For bottoms, you could then go for a pattern of micro flowers that features hundreds of smaller flowers. The two will compliment each other. You could also opt for more defined, clear images of flowers on top (or bottom) and then a more abstract flower pattern for the other half. Flowers are just one example; you can do the same thing with different patterns, from stripes to polka dots to fruits and nature. The options are endless.

Material & Textures: Stay Consistent

Finally, regardless of whether you’re working with a print or pattern or solid, it’s important to consider the material and texture of your two piece swimsuit. For example, if you’re wearing a top or bottom that’s neoprene material, which are typically a more sporty look, you don’t want to pair it with a frilly piece. Mixing textures that are too different might look like you did it by mistake, like you grabbed the first two pieces at the top of your drawer. Pair the more unique materials, like a crocheted top, with another piece that’s standard swimsuit material to play it safe. You don’t want to look like you picked out your two piece swimsuit in the dark. 

Wear it With Confidence

At the end of the day, if you’re going with any of these basic rules, you’re probably going to put together a two piece swimsuit that will have fellow beachgoers wondering where you got the set. So wear it with confidence, get out there, and have some fun in the sun!

How To Mix-and-Match Your Two Piece Swimsuits for a Fresh Look

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