How to Protect Your Sexual Health

Sexual health is diverse, spanning from sexual capability and satisfaction to taking care of yourself. Understanding the entire dimension will ensure that you lead a better sexual life in the long run. However, it would be best to prioritize taking care of your sexual health before exploring other elements. This process requires you to observe various aspects, including the following.

Limit the Number of Sex Partners

Limiting the number of sex partners will help protect you from various health issues, including sexually transmitted infections. New research has also linked multiple sex partners with various chronic diseases. Reducing this number to one or two known partners could help cushion you against such health inconveniences.

Alternatively, you could invest in luxury sex toys. These toys allow you to explore your body, identifying the most pleasurable spots. Regular masturbation is critical in spicing up your sex life. It boosts self-confidence and esteem, giving you a happier sex life. Besides, you can use them with your partner.

At the same time, avoid overlapping relationships. Suppose you end a sexual relationship today. It would be best to wait for a while before engaging in sex with another person. This move allows you to monitor your sexual health better.

Contraception Is Vital

Preventing the various consequences of sexual intercourse is critical in protecting your sexual health. Contraception is the best method to use. Ideally, contraception helps protect you against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

Today, different contraception methods are at your disposal, allowing you to choose one that suits your health, needs, preferences, and budget. For example, you could use the barrier method, pills, and IUDs.

You’ll choose between temporary and permanent contraceptives. Short-term contraception includes sexual enhancement pills, condoms, IUDs, and silicone implants. On the other hand, sterilization has a permanent effect, meaning that you cannot get pregnant after the procedure.

Condoms have proven reliable and significantly affordable. They help protect you against both pregnancy and STIs. At the same time, you could use dental dams for oral sex. You’ll use these dental dams when pleasuring the penis, vagina, or anus. It will protect your mouth from STIs.

Scheduled Wellness Visits

A wellness medical visit gives you insights into your general sex and physical health. It requires taking your vital signs to establish how healthy your sex life is. For example, a medical expert could ask you about birth control, family planning, and general sexual health. This visit requires you to carry out multiple exams: a pap test, breast exam, pelvic exam, and pregnancy test.

You could also consider checking your health status. In this case, you focus on HIV and STI tests. Checking your health regularly allows you to monitor the progress of your health. Besides, it will help protect your partner too. This wellness visit should happen three to four times a year, mainly if you are sexually active.

Build a Strong Relationship With Your Partner

Open communication with your partner will help set various aspects straight. Indulge your partner on different elements, including birth control options, family planning, and lowering the risk of STIs. Being wholly expressive during this discussion could help highlight improving your sex life in general. Both parties must agree to indulge in safe, protected sex.

Such will also be the time to talk about the risks of alcohol in your sexual relationship. Alcohol and drugs are associated with poor decision-making in sex, meaning you’ll need to devise methods to tame them. Besides, alcohol could significantly affect your fertility.

In summary, prioritize your sexual health. Incredible sexual health requires you to observe various aspects, including those mentioned above. As long as you consider them, you can be sure of a better relationship with your partner.

How to Protect Your Sexual Health

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