How to Remove a Mugshot From Google: Your Ultimate Guide

how to remove a mugshot from google

We are all humans. Making mistakes is a part of human nature. It’s not the end of the world if you get arrested.

If you get arrested, you can still get a fresh start in life. However, this can be hard to do if your mugshot makes it to Google. Some states have taken action to put an end to this, but it’s still a problem.

If your mugshot comes up on Google after your arrest, you must seek to remove it. Read this guide to learn how to remove a mugshot from Google.

Contact Google

Arrest records are public records. Your mugshot might appear on the internet soon after your arrest. The first place where it might come up is on Google.

If your mugshot is on Google, you should consider contacting Google to attempt to suppress the results of the mugshot. This might not always work, but it’s worth a try.

Keep in mind that when someone searches your name, it can be easy to find your mugshot. Google might remove any personal information to help take off the mugshot.

Contact the Webmaster

If you find your mugshot on Google and click on it, chances are that you’ll be redirected to another website. There’s good news if this is your case.

You can try to contact the site’s webmaster to ask for its removal. Explore the website to find the questions or contact page. These pages can give you information about mugshot removal.

Some of these websites will outline the steps you must take to delete the mugshot. If the webmaster removes the mugshot, it will be taken off the website completely.

Expunge Your Record

A great way to start fresh is to expunge your record. You can expunge it or seal it depending on your situation.

To expunge your record, you’ll need to file a petition with the court. Make sure you state on the petition that you want to expunge your arrest record.

If you’re able to expunge your record, you can send the order to the website where your mugshot is published. In most states, the website must abide by the order and remove the mugshot.

This option might be more difficult to accomplish. However, it can help you get peace of mind knowing that you were able to clear your name.

Mugshot Removal Service

If all other options fail, you can try a mugshot removal service. Yes, there are companies that specialize in removing mugshots from Google.

This type of company makes mugshot removal easy. The company will analyze search engine results to find your mugshot. Then it will work to delete the mugshots from all the websites.

How to Remove a Mugshot From Google Using These Steps

Want to know how to remove a mugshot from Google? It’s simple. Follow these steps to remove your mugshot.

Doing so can help you clear your name. It will help you start your new life.

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How to Remove a Mugshot From Google: Your Ultimate Guide

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