How To Renew Your Closet On A Budget 

How To Renew Your Closet On A Budget 

Renewing your closet can be a costly affair, but it doesn’t have to! There are ways to add some new items and give yourself the chance to create new outfits.

Whether you want to upgrade your seasonal clothes, add some timeless pieces, change your style or need something for a special occasion, you can do it well on a shoestring.

Here’s are some tips about how to renew your closet on a budget!

See what you have 

Often we don’t really know what we have in our closets until we actually look. So take everything out (we mean, everything) and start sorting out into two piles.

One pile is for clothes you love and want to keep, and the second one is for damaged stuff or things you know you’ll never wear again.

Keep the first pile, write down each item for your records and either donate or toss the other one.

Get inspired

Now that you know what you have, you can start planning what you need to add. Look for style inspiration online in such places as Instagram, Pinterest or men’s fashion blogs.

Keep the photos you like and write down items you might need to add to create those looks.

Decide on a budget

Now for the hard part. Be honest with yourself and choose the amount of money you’re willing to spend on new clothing.

This will help you narrow down your options and create a list of essentials.

If you like shopping, you can choose a monthly budget and keep building your closet slowly (and less financially painfully!).

Avoid expensive pieces

It makes no sense to buy expensive pieces if you’re on a budget, even if a fashion article tells you “it’s a great investment”.

Today you can find some great options for less, like, e.g. these high-quality crew neck t-shirts from Fresh Clean Tees that don’t break the bank.

Do you really need a $250 hoodie? It will lose its value the moment you unpack it, and you won’t notice much difference except in your bank account.

Buy vintage

If you have some specific ideas and can’t find them on a budget, try vintage shops! You can find incredible designs there for much less, and they can easily become the focus of your entire look.

Spend some time sifting through items to find the real gems


There’s no shame in waiting for various sales! This way, you get the same items for so much less. Some sales often offer even up to 80% off, and that’s pretty huge savings.

If you like a brand, subscribe to their newsletter to be first notified about upcoming sales (you might receive a discount code, too!).

Shop off-season

Another great way to save is to shop for the upcoming season. That means buying swim trunks in winter and sweaters in summer!

Often, brands have leftover items they want to get rid of, but just because a couple of months passed doesn’t mean they’re not good anymore!

It’s especially true for essential pieces like tees, shirts, jeans etc.

You might also look out for early-bird offers where brands want to generate attention for new releases. That’s two birds with one stone – you get the latest trendy piece and save!

Ask a friend

If you have a friend similar in size to you, you can make a pact about exchanging clothes. No, it’s not girly; it’s sustainable!

Often we get bored with old stuff that’s still perfectly fine to wear, but that piece is entirely new to someone else!

Like his black jacket, and he likes your oversized hoodie? It’s a win-win!

You can even meet up one night and share the pieces you each would feel great about exchanging!

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How To Renew Your Closet On A Budget 

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