How to Say “Are You Sleepy in Spanish?”

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Ever wondered how to say “are yo sleepy” in Spanish? There are many phrases that express this idea when it’s late at night. Some are more social while others are reserved for close relationships. No matter which one you use, these phrases will make a good alternative to “goodnight” in English. Continue reading to find out more. We’ve listed the most important Spanish phrases for late night conversation. These phrases will make your Spanish conversation more authentic next time you’re out.

There are two ways to say “are yo sleepy” in Spanish. You can use “estas cansado?” for a man or woman, and “tienes suena” for a woman. “Estas cansado” means “I’m sleepy,” but “tienes suena” refers to the feeling of sleepiness. In either case, the response should be a question such as “Are you sleepy?”

Descansa is a way to send a love one a romantic message. It means “rest well.” Duermas bien is another casual way to say goodnight to someone. Duermas in Spanish means “good night” or “sleep tight.”

How to Say “Are You Sleepy in Spanish?”
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