How to Say “Mabilis” in English

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If you would like to speak Filipino or Tagalog, you may be wondering how to say “mabilis” in English. It’s not difficult if you know the basics! Here are some tips if you still have trouble. First, you’ll need to learn the difference between mabilis and hinihingal. Both are Tagalog languages with different meanings.

First, hinihingal, a Filipino word meaning “single”, is important to remember. It means “single,” but is also used in conversation. This expression is common when speaking with Filipinos. There are many ways to pronounce hinihingi. However, if you want to make sure you’re speaking the correct word, use a Tagalog-English dictionary.

Second, remember that mabilis is the Filipino word for “mabilis”. Mabilis in Tagalog also means express. If you want to say “mabilis,” you can say “mabilis mapagod.”

How to Say “Mabilis” in English
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