How To Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

How To Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

The concept of traditional education has entirely transformed since the inception of online learning. Learners of today have access to quality education at their convenience. Researches have been conducted on how effective online learning is compared to traditional learning, and the results are promising.

Moreover, with the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, eLearning platforms are becoming more popular alternatives to gaining knowledge. Educators across the globe are also investing more time in creating online courses to serve their learner base.

When you are thinking about selling online courses, the obvious choice is eLearning marketplaces like Udemy. But one of the best ways to get into online learning is to sell online courses from your own website. Creating your own online course is surprisingly simple if you follow the process right. In this blog, we will take you through the steps of selling your online courses.

Selling online courses from your own website

When you sell online courses from your own website, you have the most freedom and control over the interactions with your potential and existing students and the income you earn. You don’t have to limit your course content according to any third-party guidelines. You can customize your online course and connect with your target learners the way you want.

Come up with course ideas

Once you are committed to selling your online courses, you must decide what topics you would teach your students. It would be best if you chose course topics that you have expertise in and are knowledgeable about, something you are passionate about, or courses that your students are willing to purchase. Think about your professional experiences and your skills and create topics that resonate with the same.

Also, have a look at the target market and see what your potential learners are struggling with and find topics that serve as solutions to the problems they face. After choosing a course, validate your course idea to ensure that the course is in demand before starting to create the course.

Find the right course titles

It is easier to sell a unique course than a broad topic when it comes to selling online courses. Hence, when choosing your course title, be specific. The title must convey the idea of the course content and explain what the course teaches. “Beginner level python programming” is a good title that gives a hint about the level, of course. Your course title must cover what skill level the course is aiming for.

Plan the course outline and create your online course

Before creating the content, prepare a structure of your course content. Prepare a script for your entire course, which would help you save hours of editing. Now that you have come up with a good course title and outline, it’s time to create your course content. You can use a combination of images, PDFs, infographics, and videos to make the course content appealing to your students. Add in quizzes and assignments to make things interesting and challenging for learners. The main part of the content would be the videos that explain the subject topics in a step-step manner. You can record the videos with you speaking about the topic or share what’s on your screen and give a voice-over.

When you create the course content, your goal must be to create the best piece of content about the topic you choose. To accomplish the goal, you must put in some research to understand what you are competing against. During market research, try to fill gaps that exist in the market by launching new topics or cover similar topics in a unique way and make it more detailed and in a way that it stands out. Clarify the main idea of your online course, and then organize all the supporting thoughts into themes that support your main idea. Your goals must be to deliver your subject to your target student base methodically and logically, offering your students a great learning experience. Share the maximum amount of topics as long as it’s helpful and doesn’t deviate from the topic. But make sure you don’t overwhelm your learners with too many resources.

Price your online courses

To price your online courses, have a look at similar online learning services and see how they charge. This will help you set the right price for your courses. When you are setting the price, take your target audience and their paying abilities into consideration. A guideline is to charge for your courses according to the value you offer. The more value you offer, the higher you can charge.

Build a customized online learning website

To sell online courses from your own website, you must build a personalized site to connect with your niche audience and convert them into your customers. Make sure you focus on both the appeal and functionality of your website at the same time. While the concept of creating an online learning website can be overwhelming, it is quite easy to implement if you follow the right approach. The best solution to build your customized learning website effortlessly is to use a white label solution or a clone script. To create your own website, you can rely on any professional tutoring software like Pinlearn that comes with all essential features required for starting live classes and online courses and establish an eLearning business. The readymade scripts make full use of the latest technologies to create interactive courses and deliver a great course selling experience.

Promote your online courses

Once you set up your online learning website, promoting your online courses becomes easier. You can begin by building an email list of your potential students, design a compelling page, and leverage social media to promote your courses. Before you begin, clearly define the USPs of your online courses so that you can tailor your marketing strategy around that. You must establish a very strong social media presence to generate engagement to reach the right audience for eLearning.


Creating online courses takes a lot of effort, but it is a rewarding and lucrative way to share your knowledge while establishing an online learning business. Selling online courses on your own eLearning site demands a little more investment than selling it anywhere else. However, the rewards are- imparting knowledge, establishing a loyal student base, paying customers, and creating a lucrative online learning business.

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How To Sell Online Courses From Your Own Website

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