How to Take Care of Your Kids Eyes Properly: 5 Helpful Tips


Having good eyesight is key to the overall health of your children. Improper eyesight can cause them a lot of problems and can even be a hindrance to their academics.

Here are some ways you can take care of your kids’ eyes properly:

Rest the eyes

A lot of children are constantly using electronic devices like tablets, mobiles, and televisions. Staring at digital screens for prolonged intervals is one of the biggest reasons for deteriorating eye health.

Not just that, even activities like reading and writing can take a toll on the eyes if done for a long period without any breaks. It is important that you make sure your kids take a break after every 30-40 minutes of engaging in such activities.

Make them close their eyes for a while so that they can be properly rested. If your kids don’t do this, there is a high chance of over-exerting their eyes which will lead to poor vision. The AAP recommends that children should not have a screen time of more than 1 or 2 hours per day.

You can also go with the 20:20:20 formula to ensure your kids’ eyes get enough rest – after every 20 minutes of being on an electronic device, look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Make them spend more time outdoors

Studies have shown that children who spend even an hour outdoors every day have a reduced risk of myopia by almost 14%. Myopia in children is becoming very common and the simple task of getting your kids to spend time outdoors can help you in protecting their eyes from this problem.

Try to incorporate activities like swimming and cycling into your kids’ daily routine. Not only will they benefit their eyes but will also help in promoting overall body fitness. One thing you should keep in mind is to avoid the hottest period of the day (generally from noon to 4 p.m.). The reason being that exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can cause damage to your kids’ eyes.

It is a good idea to invest in accessories like sunglasses and make your children wear them wherever they are going out in the sun.

Create A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is one of the main components of healthy eyesight. Many children nowadays fail to consume a proper diet which results in the development of poor eye conditions among a number of other health issues.

You need to create a proper diet plan for your kids that includes all the necessary nutrients and vitamins essential for a good lifestyle. Eating vegetables and fruits like spinach and grapes are especially important. You also need to include other foods like egg yolks, sprouts, pistachios, etc. Eating fatty fish like salmon and tuna is also important for eye health.

Encourage healthy eye care habits

Instilling good eye care habits in your kids from the beginning can help them maintain healthy eyesight all throughout their lives. Make sure that there is adequate lighting whenever they are reading something. Low lighting puts more strain on the eyes and can lead to poor eyesight.

Ask them to keep their book or electronic devices at least 30-50 cm away from their eyes. Other habits include getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night so that their eyes get proper rest. Some eyesight and blinking exercises can also benefit them greatly.

Schedule regular eye check-ups

A good vision is key to the overall health of your children. Despite trying your best to ensure that your kids have proper eyesight, sometimes, things can still go wrong and they might develop conditions like myopia. That is why it is important to regularly consult with doctors.

A routine eye checkup is one of the foremost practices that can help in maintaining your children’s eye health. It is recommended that you take your kids for an eye checkup at least once every six months. Doing this will allow you to detect any poor eye condition in its initial stage itself and you will have a better chance of nipping the problem in its bud.

Moreover, consultations with experts will allow you to create a better eye health plan and follow better practices that ensure the wellbeing of your kids’ eyes.

Following these practices carefully will go a long way in ensuring that your kids develop proper eyesight.

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How to Take Care of Your Kids Eyes Properly: 5 Helpful Tips

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