How to Turn Off Active Help in Final Fantasy XIV

Active help is something that many people are unfamiliar with when they first start playing FFXIV. In the following paragraphs, we’ll look at how to disable active help and explain why you should do it. Active help windows are designed to give players a gradual introduction into the controls of the game. To view active help tutorials, simply select Active Help from the System menu. After you have selected an active help tutorial, a question mark icon will appear in the upper right corner. Press B to close the active help window.

There are a few ways to disable active help in FFXIV. You can hide or disable the chat window of the Novice Network. You can avoid being distracted by other players by turning off the chat window. If you are concerned about your security, you may also choose to enable a private chat window for you and your friends. This will protect you from spam and unwanted messages. The chat window of other players won’t be visible to you.

FFXIV can be played on a portable device. You should disable FRAPS and similar programs to prevent crashes. If it uses DirectX, the Logitech GHub could interfere with FFXIV. Dalamud may crash if FRAPS is disabled. This could cause a black screen. Fortunately, MacType does not affect FFXIV, as it does not use standard fonts.

If you have purchased FFXIV via Steam, you will need to link your Square Enix account with the official launcher. If you have a non-Steam account, you can add XIVLauncher directly to your Steam. If you don’t have a Steam account, you’ll need to sign into a different service. This can be done from the game’s settings menu.

Finally, you may wish to limit your frame rate when you’re inactive. Limiting your frame rate will give you a smoother screen and prevent the CPU and GPU from overheating. This will also improve your game’s performance upon return. Click on the game window to open the settings menu. Or press ‘K” on your keyboard. Scroll down to the Frame rate section and click on the box next Limit the Frame Ratio While the Client Is Inactive.

You can also change the game cursor by changing your mouse functionality settings. You can find these under the device/controller tab. Select the gamepad type and adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks. In case your controller has problems, you can also try changing the game controller to a mouse-style controller. By doing so, you’ll be able to make your mouse cursor look like a real mouse.

How to Turn Off Active Help in Final Fantasy XIV
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