How to Use the Instagram Commenting System Effectively

how to use the instagram commenting system effectively 30252

There are two main ways to use the Instagram commenting system: cb and lb. The first is to express appreciation for other’s posts. It is a common practice to use the cb or like back symbol, but both work just as well. You can see cb in action when you comment on another user’s post and vice versa if you want to receive feedback. Using the lb is a more effective way to get more followers, but if you’re using it improperly, it will lead to the other person being turned off.

Another way to use instagram effectively is to create hashtags. Hashtags can be used in Instagram to search for specific topics. Make sure to use them when you post pictures and videos. You can use any hashtag but it is best to use ones with high search traffic. This will make your posts more visible and generate more engagement. The more hashtags you use, the higher chance they’ll get to appear in people’s Explore pages.

How to Use the Instagram Commenting System Effectively
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