How to Wear a Fox Tail Hairstyle

If you want to wear your hair short, a fox tail haircut may be the right choice for you. This short haircut can be worn in many different ways. It is versatile enough to wear with almost no styling. To make it look its best, try brushing your hair with a round brush. Here are some ways to wear your fox tail hairstyle. A foxtail haircut is best for medium-length hair. However, it can look great with longer hair.

The fox tail haircut is typically done on wet hair. To create the desired effect, begin at the base of the hair, then work your way outward. Start by placing the shortest hair closest to your face. Next, divide your hair into three layers. Secure them with hairpins. The graduated style of this haircut looks best on long hair and has the added advantage of giving you numerous styling options.

Foxtail hairstyles can be used for almost any face shape. If cut correctly, it can improve your face shape and make you look younger. For women who prefer to maintain their hair in a shorter length, a fox tail can offer a variety of options to experiment with. You can dye the fox tail because it is shorter. It is important to maintain the hairstyle for a long time.

A fox tail haircut is suitable for women with slightly wavy hair. It gives a soft Hollywood style that is easy to style. Non-oblique spiral curls, on the other hand, can bulge on the side. These curls require a cascade haircut that has lots of graduation along the length. A fox tail haircut is great for both straight and curly hair. You can choose a subtle, but flattering color.

When cutting a fox tail, you need to part it from the shoulder level. Then, you need to cut the sides. The base will be the extreme side strand. The other side strand will be the base of the triangle. You will be cutting your hair towards the middle. This will give you the most curls. Depending on how long your hair is, you may not need the sides to be trimmed. You can cut the hair from the shoulder level.

How to Wear a Fox Tail Hairstyle
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