How to Win a Brace Beagling Competition

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In competitions like brace beagling, brace beagles are paired up with a purpose. Instead of pairing them up at random, the first hound in the second series is referred to as the high hound, or the highest scoring – and the other hounds are placed according to the high horoscope. Here are some tips to help your brace beagle win a brace beagling competition.

The competition begins with a series of rabbit tracking events. Each dog is given one chance to track a rabbit, and the judge looks for methodical, precise tracking. Dogs that stray from the trail will not be considered. Brace beagles do not see the rabbit and there are no kills. A brace beagle must stay within the trail to win the prize. A brace beagle can’t be beat in a field trial, however, if it doesn’t stay within the rabbits scent trail for the entire course.

40-50 beagles follow a rabbit through a fenced-in enclosure in a field trial. The beagles are evaluated on their accuracy in tracking. The judging panel also looks for a positive attitude in the dog. It will be rewarded for accuracy if it is a good dog. This is important because judges prize accuracy in beagle competitions.

How to Win a Brace Beagling Competition
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