How Video Brochures Can Help in Training

Video Brochures

There are lots of different ways to train and educate people, but not all of them work as efficiently as intended. You can have long presentations, instruction manuals, books, online courses, training sessions and lessons, but how much of the information in these methods really sink in?

To effectively educate people, you have to think of new and different ways to keep them focused to remember vital bits of information. You need to make it exciting as well as informative and concise.

But what ways are there to better capture the attention and minds of people? Let’s take a look…

Thinking Outside the Box – Art

Using art in conjunction with messages can be powerful and effective at many levels. It can be an art piece that conveys a message, a well-done visual communication or it can be images or artwork that compliment words for instructions.

Social Media, the Internet and Online Classes 

Being educated through short or long videos on the internet via social media or YouTube and other sites can work wonders, but it can also backfire. The internet is a random overload of information. Some of the information can be contradicting, or with other information, it could even be “fake news”.

There’s also the fact that it’s very easy to get distracted by the internet, you could be going down one rabbit hole of education and suddenly be recommended something completely different and start following that instead.  There’s been varying opinions on video classes through Zoom and Teams, and if they were efficient enough.

People were getting tired of them, feeling “Zoom fatigue”, with too much of being talked at and not enough interaction or being left to get on with work.

For training and education for work purposes, let’s look at video brochures…

Video Brochures

A video brochure has many uses and is applicable in many instances. They work especially well for capturing attention, and have been used to get noticed by high value clients.

Standing out above the rest of the competition, companies that have used video brochures have used them to gain important clients that would otherwise not respond in the world of finance and real estate.

They can be a powerful tool for making sales or promoting your business by educating the target audience on what your business is about.

What Exactly Are Video Brochures

A video brochure is usually made of paper and resembles a thick greetings card with an LCD screen embedded in. They can come in several different sizes and shapes – and can even be made as business cards.

The brochure will usually have some art and writing on it, but the main focus is on the content put onto the LCD screen. Depending on the size of the brochure, you’ll be able to add more storage from megabytes to a few gigabytes, meaning more or longer video content stored on the device.

There are also simple controls embedded in the brochure to play/pause, go backwards, forwards and turn the volume up and down. Video brochures also have rechargeable batteries (usually via a micro-USB lead) and are reusable, so you can change the content later on.

How Video Brochures Can Educate

In healthcare particularly, video brochures have had a great impact in multiple uses.

In order for a pharmaceutical company to sell new medication to doctors and consultants, video brochures have been used to capture the attention of these medical professionals and then educate them with what the new medication can do with an informative video.

Similarly, video brochures have been used to pass around to medical staff in order to train them quickly and easily in new procedures.

They’ve also been known to be handed to patients in order to help them better understand their illness, an operation, or how to take their medication.

Why Choose Video Brochures for Education?

So why do video brochures make such great tools for education and training?

They’re portable and they demand your attention, without offering other distractions like your phone or laptop does.

They also don’t need an internet connection as the content is already stored in the brochure’s memory, so they’re perfect for training in places with bad signal. For example, they’ve been used to train underground engineers on how to use specific equipment and health and safety.

So the next time you need a new way to educate your pupils, train your staff or capture a client’s attention – think video brochures.

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How Video Brochures Can Help in Training

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