Hunter Bradley Salary

A good deal of the Packers’ salary cap is made up of players like Hunter Bradley. It doesn’t matter what he gets paid. Here’s what Bradley will make in his final year as a Packers player. His salary is $939,337, which would be a good deal for the Packers, but it would also cost them more than they’d save by signing a rookie on a lower contract.

Bradley was drafted in seventh round of 2018 NFL Draft. However, his $920,000 salary is well worth comparing. Bradley plays the position of LS for the Green Bay Packers. There are many sources of information about Bradley’s salary. Here’s a breakdown:

Only 13 long snappers have been drafted in the NFL. Bradley was the seventh overall draft pick in 2018. Bradley, a native of Mississippi, plays at least 12 snaps per game and is expected to give the Packers some stability at the position. Although Bradley hasn’t been consistently great in his short career, he has only missed a single game in his career. JK Scott has been saving his snaps.

Hunter Bradley Salary
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