Indianapolis Colts Vs Denver Broncos – Who Should Win This Sunday?

Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos. Which team should win Sunday’s game? Peyton Manning will be needed by the Colts to continue his success against Denver Broncos’ tough defense. To force Manning to throw, the Broncos will need to slow down Manning’s run game. Denver will need to force the Colts to give up more yards through the air and stop the Colts’ running game to prevent Manning from making mistakes under pressure.

The Colts were ahead for the first time in the game when Harrison sprinted 46 yards into the end zone for a touchdown. With the touchdown, Indianapolis led 14-3. The second quarter was bleak for the Broncos. While there are some interesting stories to follow, you can always sign up for our free daily newsletter. You’ll get all the latest Colts news delivered to your inbox each day.

Manning threw for 373 yard and a touchdown and connected with Wayne for eight yards. However, Denver couldn’t capitalize on Manning’s playmaking ability and settled for a 49-yard field goal. As a result, the Colts went ahead 38-3. But Denver’s offense was not as potent as it could have been. It threw only 21 of 26 passes and failed to convert on a field goal.

In Week 8, the Denver Broncos take on the Indianapolis Colts for the mid-season matchup. Lucas Oil Stadium will be the host of this game. This is an important midseason game for both sides. This game will likely see the Colts win. In addition to being a divisional rival, the Broncos will also play the Denver Broncos at a home game.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Denver Broncos – Who Should Win This Sunday?
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