A Quick Guide to the Industrial Internet of Things

A Industrial Internet of Things

Did you know that we’re on the cusp of another digital revolution? The internet of things is set to transform the way we connect. This technology could potentially transform society just like how Web 2.0 did years ago.

Just like with Web 2.0, the companies that take advantage will come out on top. This internet of things introduction explains what you can expect from the industrial internet of things.

The Industrial Internet of Things vs. the Internet of Things

While you might have heard about the internet of things, the industrial internet of things is somewhat of a different concept. The standard internet of things works with consumer-grade electronics—for example, Fitbits, home fridges, and doorbells.

On the other hand, the industrial internet of things is based around integrating with industrial hardware. Essentially it provides functionality such as data gathering or cloud computing to improve industrial effectiveness and efficiency.

Cyber Security

The industrial internet of things is characterized by a strong focus on cybersecurity. Since the industrial internet of things involves unprecedented connections between industrial devices, hackers could have more power over your organization than ever before.

The more complex your network becomes, the more potential attack routes there will be for hackers. For example, let’s say you have sensors to automatically take stock lists of your storage areas. Hackers could use this information to facilitate a robbery at the worst possible time.

Cybersecurity tends to be reactive rather than proactive. It’s very likely that we will see some devastating cyber-attacks happen through the industrial internet of things.

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Machine Learning

When you have all of your industrial hardware hooked up to the same network, it will give you unprecedented information. This will give you unique insight into your organization.

The trouble is, there’s so much information available that it becomes an information overload. This is where machine learning comes in. The software will be able to analyze this data in such a way that a human never could.

This will give you some amazing insights into your business that you would never have realized before.

Cloud Computing

One of the biggest computing revolutions causes by the industrial internet of things will be the ability to use cloud computing. Essentially, this means that the majority of the computer processing is done on another computer.

This means that industrial workstations will no longer need to have powerful processors. Instead, a fairly modest setup will be able to connect to the cloud, where all of the processing will be done. For example, you might use something like the Jetson TX2.

This is an exciting development as it could potentially save companies a lot of money.

Transform Your Organization

As you can see, the industrial internet of things will have a huge impact on the world of business. You should start thinking about how to integrate this technology within your organization.

It’s important to keep security in mind at all times as the internet of things could give hackers unprecedented access to your company.

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A Quick Guide to the Industrial Internet of Things

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