3 Industries That Use Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

When it comes to manufacturing and packing, there are specific industries that use conveyor systems. Conveyor systems help create and move products quickly, making the process more efficient and effective. Here is some more information about conveyor systems and three industries that use them.

What Is a Conveyor System?

Material conveying systems are in many industrial settings. They are machines that help transport materials easily and quickly. These systems may be powered by a motor or manually. Some conveyors are gravity-powered. There are many varieties of conveying systems that handle the various materials that may need transportation. You can customize the system based on your needs.

The types of conveyors include belt, chute, pneumatic or vacuum, and vibrating. These are only a sampling of the types available. Belt conveyors use belts to move products or materials. The band is in a loop run by a motor, and the speed is either variable or constant. The strips can be rubber, plastic, leather, or other appropriate material. The material depends on the items moved.

Chute conveyors use gravity to move items from one level to another. The chute material and width determine how fast the product travels. Pneumatic systems use air pressure to move products. The materials might move through tubes, ducts, or along surfaces. You may see this type of system used in a bank or a pharmacy. Vibrating conveyors use vibration to move materials along beds. Depending on what product needs moving, the size of the bed may vary.

Three Industries That Use Conveyors

1. Automotive

The automotive industry uses conveyors to move car parts and materials down an assembly line. Conveyors may come in different shapes and sizes, but they are well maintained. Excellently maintained conveyor systems are a must in this industry due to the size and weight of automotive materials and parts. Aside from damaging the automotive parts, injuries can occur in this industry if conveyors do not have a routine inspection. For this reason, it is necessary to have machines that are made of high-quality materials as well.

2. Food Processing

Naturally, food processing uses conveyors to make food and package items quickly and efficiently. In this industry, conveying systems are used for speed rather than moving heavy objects. From start to finish, food processing plants and warehouses use conveyors in some form or fashion to get food produced and packaged. Conveyors might be used to move ingredients, cook or bake those ingredients, and finally package the final item.

3. Airports

If you’ve ever been to an airport, then you know how essential material conveying systems are. Usually, belt or chute systems are applied to move your luggage from one area to another. The belts or chutes might put your luggage in the cargo hold or help you reclaim your items when your flight is over. The systems need proper maintenance to keep your luggage safe and undamaged.

Conveying systems are essential to keeping these industries, and others, in smooth and efficient working order. Conveyor systems are probably used in more industries than you think, and without them, there would be a slowdown in production and packaging.

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3 Industries That Use Conveyor Systems

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