Jack Russell German Shepherd Mix

A jack russell German shepherd combination is a great breed for families looking for a loyal, playful companion. This breed of dog is highly intelligent and can be taught tricks very easily. They love being active, and need lots of playtime and exercise. They love to explore so make sure they have plenty of space. Jack Russells are energetic and will need to be exercised regularly.

As with all dogs, the Jack Russell German Shepherd mix needs to be trained properly. Its intelligence and loyalty make it easy to train. Start early on with positive reinforcement. While a puppy may not be receptive to training, he will eventually learn how to respond to commands. The main goal of training a German shepherd mix is to remove his overprotective or aggressive behavior. If you don’t properly train your dog, your dog may develop a spoiled dog attitude.

Mixed-breed dogs can be noisy, but owners often think this. The Jack Russell German Shepherd mix is often protective of people and places. Like their German Shepherd father, the Jack Russell tends to explore with his nose. Because of this, a Jack Russell German shepherd mix may not be as friendly as the German Shepherd he inherited from his father. He may appear friendly, but he will still protect his family.

While the German Shepherd is a herding dog, the Jack Russell has a predisposition to become aggressive. This is a genetic tendency, so it is not unusual for a German Shepherd-Jack Russell mix to exhibit aggressive behavior. It is important to keep your dog safe when you are out and about so that any mishaps do not happen. The best way to protect your family is to make sure that your dog stays healthy.

A Jack Russell German Shepherd mix puppy can cost anywhere from $600 to over $2,000. Depending on the quality of the lineage of parents and the care they receive, this breed can be an excellent choice if you want a highly active companion. However, it is important to ensure that the breeder you choose cares as much about your dog as you do. A cheaper dog may still be just as well-cared for as a more expensive one.

The life expectancy of a German Shepherd-Jack Russell mix depends on the parents of the dog. A Jack Russell is approximately ten to fifteen inches tall. A German Shepherd is between 22-26 inches tall. The weight of a German Shepherd-Jack Russell mix ranges from fourteen to ninety pounds. The result is a small dog with long, slender legs.

Both breeds have double coats. The German Shepherd has a dense undercoat and a medium or short coat. Both coats shed. A Jack Russell has the same hair follicle, so you should use a mild shampoo to prevent stripping its natural oils. Avoid soap residue as it can cause irritation to the skin. A professional groomer is recommended if you are unsure about how to groom a German Shepherd Jack Russell mix.

Jack Russell German Shepherd Mix
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