Jason Allen, a Comedian From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

jason allen a comedian from hamilton ontario canada 31513

The comedy scene is growing rapidly in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, thanks to the talent of this comedian. His stand-up routines have been released as an EP. He is gaining a following in Canada and the Midwest. Allen has also begun booking shows outside his home country in addition to his Canadian tour. He hopes to make his way to Hollywood, where his comedic style has earned him acclaim. But first, the comedian must conquer the Midwest to achieve his dream of being a top-level comedian.

Jason Allen, a Hamilton, ON stand-up comedian, has been performing on stages all across North America. He has performed with a variety of notable performers including Tom Segura and Brian Poeshn. He has been featured on Sirius XM and Just For Laughs 42. His honest style has earned him a loyal following and a steady stream of fans across the United States and Canada.

Jason Allen, a Comedian From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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