Jason Williams – Former New Orleans Prosecutor Accused of Falsifying Tax Returns

As the top prosecutor in New Orleans, Jason Williams had a mandate to reform the criminal justice system in the city. One of his primary goals was to end the practice of nonunanimous jury trials, which date back to the Jim Crow era. This practice effectively excluded Black people from Louisiana courts, invalidating the votes cast by Black jurors. Williams’s reforms were met with a mixed response. Williams’ reforms were met with mixed reactions. Some praise him while others criticize him.

Williams is married twice. His first marriage was to the daughter of a former New Orleans city chairman. They have three children together. However, after six years of marriage, the two separated. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Marcell, a Harvard graduate. Six years after their marriage, the couple filed for divorce.

The trial of Jason Williams, former New Orleans district attorney, began on Monday, July 18, with jury selections and opening statements. Henry Timothy, Williams’ codefendant, took the stand the next day. Timothy was accused of falsifying tax returns for numerous clients.

Williams made his first public comments after his acquittal. He did not answer reporters’ questions. He didn’t comment on whether he had spoken to a real estate agent prior to listing his home for sale. Williams was previously a member of the New Orleans City Council.

Jason McLaughlin has extensive trial and litigation experience. His tenure as a judge in Orleans Parish made him one of the youngest District Judges in the City. Since then, he returned to private practice. He has represented a number of celebrities, athletes, and musicians, as well as the indigent. He has been recognized as a trial lawyer with the American College of Trial Lawyers, an invitation-only fellowship for master litigators.

Jason Williams – Former New Orleans Prosecutor Accused of Falsifying Tax Returns
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