Johann Lafer fortune

Johann Lafer is an Austrian cook and non-fiction author who lives in Germany. Lafer was best known for his televised cooking show and numerous cookbooks. His television show is self-produced. How rich is Johann Lafer?

Cook. Born on September 27, 1957 in Sankt Stefan im Rosental, Austria. Johann Lafer fortune is estimated at around 15 million euros. He was a regular guest of the television presenter Markus Lanz, on whose show he regularly prepared meals in front of an audience. He also runs a cooking school in Guldental.

Bourgeois name: Johann Lafer
Spouse: Silvia Lafer (married 1990)
Children: Jennifer Lafer, Jonathan Lafer
Johann Lafer size: 1.81 m
Nationality: more Austrian
His career began: 1977

What is Johann Lafer’s net worth?
Johann Lafer’s assets are currently € 15 million.

TV shows: Lafer! Lights! Delicious !, the kitchen fight.
Books: Food against osteoarthritis, desserts that accompany my life, cooking with Johann Lafer, my best recipes.
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Johann Lafer fortune

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