John Armeni

John Armeni

As the head coach of LaBrae football, John Armeni has led the Vikings to five playoff appearances and feels that this team is in a good place. He would like to see improvement on the other side of the ball, and feels that this group is close.

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Early Life and Education

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Early childhood education (ECE) is the formal and informal educational programs that guide a child’s growth and development from birth to age five. These programs are typically based on the philosophy that children should be taught to learn in ways that are meaningful and engaging, such as through play.

Several early childhood educators have made significant contributions to education. One of the most well-known was Jean Rousseau, who emphasized that education should be child-centered and provide unlimited opportunities for sensory-driven learning. He believed that measuring, singing and drawing should be included in the classroom because these activities are essential for young children to experience in their early development.

Professional Career

Among his many professional accomplishments, John Armeni was the head football coach at LaBrae High School for nine years. He led the Vikings to 63 wins and 36 losses during that period. He recently accepted the head coaching job at Western Reserve high school in Berlin Center, pending school board approval.

In addition to his athletic career, Armeni has served as a volunteer mentor for high school students. He has also facilitated a number of commemorations in observance of the Armenian Genocide.

His advocacy efforts were recognized by ANCA Eastern US community leader and Hai Tahd advocate Hovig Apo Saghdejian when he awarded him the Leo Sarkisian Internship, a program that empowers dedicated Armenians to achieve justice for the Armenian Genocide, freedom for Artsakh and a secure and prosperous Armenian homeland. He was also named one of the Top Ten Advocacy Heroes by the ANCA’s Capitol Gateway Program for his work with Artsakh and his leadership roles in the ANCA Eastern US community.

Achievements and Honors

John Armeni has earned a variety of honors and awards throughout his life. He was also a member of the National Honor Society, where he received recognition for his academic achievements and commitment to community service.

He has been the head football coach at LaBrae for the past nine seasons, leading the Vikings to five playoff appearances during that time. In addition, he has been recognized for his contributions to the college’s LGBTQ community. He is a mentor to several students and is responsible for creating a more welcoming campus environment for LGBTQ students. He also is the founder of Code 3 Angels, an organization that provides free pediatric and emergency medical training to people in Armenia and Lebanon who have been affected by conflict.

Personal Life

Aside from his professional achievements, John Armeni also has a rich and varied personal life. He is a proud parent of a daughter and son, and has spent nine seasons as the head football coach at LaBrae High School. During this time, the Vikings won 63 games, including five state playoff appearances.

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Net Worth

Known as an outspoken critic of excessive executive pay, John Armeni is cochief executive of BlackBerry maker Research in Motion and has a net worth estimated at $33 million. He has also invested in real estate projects including a condo tower in Toronto with Donald Trump. He is also the owner of a private island in British Columbia that he has leased out to other families. He has a large art collection, including jade and Chinese furniture, as well as Eskimo artifacts. He donates to charitable causes and competes in men’s long course triathlons.

He is also a partner at the Los Angeles law firm Geragos & Geragos. He has represented a number of celebrities, including Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson. He is married to Paulette Kassabian and has a daughter named Teny.

John Armeni

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