John Knoxville Net Worth

John Knoxville Net Worth

John Knoxville Bio Lifestyle and Net Worth


If you’re wondering about Johnny Knoxville’s net worth, bio, and career, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn more about his career as a stunt performer, his Hollywood Hills home, and his marriage.


His father was a car salesman and his mother was a Sunday school teacher. His family also includes two older sisters.

Early life 

He was born on March 17, 1971 

During his early years, he struggled to find acting jobs. He appeared in television commercials and as extras for extra money. He also wrote article ideas for magazines to earn extra cash. One of his ideas for a magazine was to film himself testing self-defence devices. This idea impressed Jeff Tremaine, who offered to premier his stunts on the show.

Before becoming an actor, Johnny Knoxville was a self-defence stuntman. While he didn’t receive any big break in the industry, his stunts earned him some recognition.


He attended South-Doyle High School and graduated in 1989. After graduating from high school, he moved to California to pursue his dream.


Johnny Knoxville’s career in acting started at a young age. He got the acting bug when he received a copy of the book On the Road from his cousin Roger Alan Wade. He began appearing in commercials and doing extra work. He also wrote articles for magazines to make extra money. Aside from acting, Johnny Knoxville is also a film producer, stunt performer, and comedian. He rose to fame in 2000 following his appearances in MTV’s hit series, Kickass.

In 1991, Knoxville moved to Los Angeles and began his acting career there. However, he soon switched gears and decided to pursue more traditional roles. He began writing and pitching article ideas to other publications. He also played in the Big Brother “Number Two” video. 

In addition to starring in films, Johnny Knoxville also has several television roles. He has also voiced two episodes of the popular TV series King of the Hill. He has also appeared in several Family Guy episodes and a SpongeB SquarePe episode. He has been active on television for over 25 years.

Apart from acting, Johnny Knoxville has also been a host of “SNL” in 2005 and has had small roles in several independent films. In his “Grand Theft Parsons” film, he played Phil Kaufman, while in “Coyote Ugly” he played the gonzo road manager for Gram Parsons.

He co-created the popular MTV stunt show Jackass, which spawned a movie series and reboots. He also starred in the film Bad Grandpa.

He is the co-owner of Dickhouse productions, which has produced documentaries for ESPN. He also has his own production company, Hello Junior, which recently signed a two-picture deal with Paramount Pictures

Johnny Knoxville is a professional stunt performer, actor, writer, and producer who also wrestles. He is best known for co-creating the MTV reality stunt show Jackass. The show ran for three seasons in 2000 and 2001. He also co-wrote several other films, including the horror comedy The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Though most people know Knoxville for his work in “Jackass,” his acting and stunt work is quite extensive. His IMDb page lists over 15 writing credits, including several TV shows and movies.

In addition to his movies, Knoxville has a successful voice acting career. Before Jackass, he was known for only a few background roles. He appeared in episodes of The Ben Stiller Show with Sarah Jessica Parker and Coyote Ugly. He also co-owns the production company Dickhouse Productions along with Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze.

Net worth 

Knoxville has a net worth of $50 million as of 2022. He earns this amount through stunt performances, entertainment shows, and a few other business ventures.

John Knoxville’s home in the Hollywood hills is not the only property in the area where he lives. The actor, co-creator of MTV’s “Jackass,” and principal star of subsequent films, has other properties in the neighbourhood as well.

Located at 2481 Hollyridge Drive in the Hollywood Hills, the three-bedroom Mediterranean-style villa was sold for $1,816,000. The deal was finalized on September 26, 2008. The buyer is not a celebrity, though.

Johnny Knoxville has owned real estate in the Hollywood Hills for a long time. The property is worth $1816,000 and has a plethora of amenities, including a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a fitness centre. He also has a beachfront property in Daytona Beach, Florida.

In addition to acting, Johnny Knoxville earns a lot of money from his slapstick comedy roles. In 2002, he earned $79 million for his role in “Jackass: The Movie,” while the sequel “Jackass Number Two” brought him over $82 million. Knoxville is also known for his work as a stuntman. His latest film, “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” earned another $85 million.

As a result, his net worth has skyrocketed.

His recent announcement of a new production company is an example of his growing wealth. and lives in a $1.8 million home in Dayton Beach, Florida.

He has numerous properties and several luxurious cars, including his estate in Tennessee. His extravagant lifestyle has even landed him in the news.


His personal life has not been without its setbacks. He has been plagued by asthma for most of his life. In his younger years, he almost died of an asthma attack and took adrenaline shots to relieve the symptoms. He has also battled OCD and mental health issues.


He has a history of marriages. His first wife, Melanie Lynn Clapp, was an American Sunday School teacher.

His wife, Melanie Lynn Cates, gave birth to his first daughter, Madison, in 1996. His first marriage to Naomi They were married for 12 years until he filed for divorce.

His second marriage ended in divorce.

In 2010 he married actress Tammy Nels

Naomi Nelson, the wife of John Knoxville, dated him before they married. She had a baby with him before the marriage. The couple has been together for nine years he had been married to Melanie Lynn Cates, a fashion designer. They had a daughter together.


His career in acting has been very successful, and he has been able to establish a substantial net worth by playing multiple roles.

And he has a lot of other credits as well.

his career as a stunt performer

These include “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” “Action Point,” and various mainline “Jackass” movies.

After appearing in several movies, Knoxville became famous in the world of television thanks to his role in the reality show Jackass. The show, which featured dangerous stunts, was popular with viewers. This show made Knoxville a household name, and he continued acting in other movies and TV shows. He later penned an autobiography called Professional Idiot and a collection of essays called The Long Way Home.

Although his career as a stunt performer has been successful.

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In conclusion, John Knoxville has had a long and successful career of entertaining people with his outrageous stunts, comedic writing, and acting. From Jackass to his Netflix specials, he has certainly left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. His willingness to take risks, both physically and emotionally, has opened up new avenues for aspiring comedians and action stars alike. John Knoxville’s energy is undeniable and he shows no signs of slowing down.

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John Knoxville Net Worth

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