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John Mincey Signs With the Tennessee


Three-star defensive end John Mincey signed with Tennessee on National Signing Day over South Carolina. The 6-foot-4, 264-pounder from Homerville, Georgia, is considered to be one of the best recruits in the country.

He is currently serving time in jail for a number of offenses, including Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats and Acts and Cruelty to Children. He was also found guilty of Simple Battery and two probation violations.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Mincey started all 16 games at right defensive end and compiled 101 tackles (fourth on the team), 8 sacks, 45 quarterback pressures, 7 tackles for loss and 4 forced fumbles.

After graduating from Florida, he was drafted in the sixth round by the New England Patriots. His 260-pound frame was an odd fit for the NFL’s complex 3-4 defense.

Mincey earned his Juris Doctor from Mercer Law School and began his career in criminal defense before shifting to financial crimes such as embezzlement and fraud. Today, his practice group focuses on white collar, government investigations and special matters.

Achievements and Honors

In basketball, Mincey was an All-Mercer County and Parochial State First Team selection as a junior. He finished his High School career with 1,025 points.

He also coached CYO of Mercer County girls basketball teams for many years. He was an excellent referee and a great guy!

A lifelong athlete, he played baseball in the minor leagues and basketball at St. Anthony’s and Trenton Junior College.

CYO of Mercer County’s John “Mincey” Manczak Memorial Gymnasium is one of the most historic and legendary arenas in Mercer County. So when Trenton Catholic Academy senior Marquaisia Aiken got to play there last night, it was pretty special.

Cumberland County EMS’s Haley McQueen earned the Valor Award for her action July 6 as she stepped in between a patient and her colleague when she saw her trying to grab an AR15 gun from the vehicle. She also helped Deputy Christopher Dudley negotiate with a woman who threatened to kill herself with a knife and had a Silver Alert issued.

Personal Life

One of a five-generation family of shoe cobblers, John Mincey is carrying on a tradition that began with his father. George Mincey was a master shoe maker for over 53 years, passing his skills on to John and his son, John Jr.

In addition to his craft, Mincey has a passion for rodeo. He started in 2012 and soon after met Hall Rodeo Company founder Cline Hall, who was a big inspiration.

In a recent interview, John told KAIT that he has been working on his own rodeo production company. He hopes to make a name for himself and build his family while doing it.

Net Worth

john mincey is an American football player for the Denver Broncos. He has a net worth of $8 million. Mincey is a defensive end for the team and has played in six games. He was drafted in 2006 and has a total of 6 years of experience in the NFL. He played college football at Florida. He is an All-SEC player and was second on the team in sacks with 10.5 tackles for loss. He was also a member of the Gators’ 2007 national championship team.

MR Mincey is a resident of Statesboro, Georgia. The median home value in his area is $75-99K. He has lived in the area for 20+ years. He is married and has a son. He is estimated to earn $50-74K per year.

John Mincey

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