John Sponeybarger

John Sponeybarger

john sponeybarger is a well-known attorney who has worked with prisoners for many years. He has been charged with having sexual relations with a female client in his practice. Find out more about this attorney in this article! You will learn about his career, achievements, and personal life. You can also find out how to contact him.

Early Life and Education

John Sponeybarger was born on April 17, 1942, in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from West Seattle High School in 1956 and attended Naval Academy Prep School before joining the Navy. He earned his wings and began flying the P2V Neptune, the Navy’s maritime patrol aircraft at the time.

On December 18, 1972, he and his crewmate 1LT Gordon Wilson were part of Operation Linebacker II, a U.S. bombing campaign over Vietnam that was intended to bring North Vietnam to the negotiating table and release American prisoners of war. CPT Sponeybarger was captured after three days in escape and evasion (E&E). He served time as a prisoner of war before returning to the United States.

Achievements and Honors

During the Vietnam War, he served in the Air Force. He was promoted to captain and flew F-111s on the Linebacker II bombing campaign of 1972, which targeted North Vietnamese ships in the Red River Valley near Hanoi. One of the bombers on this mission crashed and CPT Sponeybarger and 1LT Wilson were captured by North Vietnamese forces after being separated. They were held captive for 92 days. They were eventually repatriated on March 29, 1973. During this time, they were treated as American heroes and received stateside recognition.

He also was awarded a Legion of Merit medal upon retirement from the Air Force. Other awards include a Good Conduct medal and three Army Achievement medals. Additionally, he was a member of the Dean’s List for his semester grade point average at Penn State.

John Sponeybarger

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