Joni’s Dog Grooming in Hudson, WI

jonis dog grooming in hudson wi 43111

If you live in or near Hudson, Wisconsin, you can pamper your pet at Joni’s Dog Grooming. The Hudson, WI-area salon’s groomers will treat your pet like a king. They use gentle techniques and years of experience to groom your dog’s coat. Joni’s is the best choice for grooming your pet. They even offer ear cleaning. They will leave you and your pet feeling better than ever!

Joni’s dog grooming service was very friendly and I love her work! She truly cares about the appearance of your dog. The shop itself is adorable and clean, and I’m happy to take my goldendoodle there for a visit! My goldendoodle looked amazing after his visit. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Joni’s is now my favorite grooming salon in Hudson!

Joni’s Dog Grooming in Hudson, WI
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