Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Schedule

You’ve found the Kansas City Chiefs 2012 schedule. The team’s 2012 schedule is full of exciting games. The Chiefs will open the 2012 season with a Monday game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and then close the season with a Thursday matchup against San Diego Chargers. The game should be a barn burner. The Chiefs will also face the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers. The team will also face new rivals in addition to their AFC West rivals.

The NFL determines the schedule by a formula. Each team is assigned one division from each conference. The Chiefs will play two divisions from each conference, while eight other divisions will be played. The Chiefs’ schedule is almost all predetermined, as 14 of their 16 opponents are decided in advance. KC can therefore look forward to as many games possible. The Chiefs’ record last season will not impact their 2012 schedule.

As always, the NFL schedule is critical to the success of every season. So the Athlon NFL editors will spend the next month studying and analyzing the Chiefs’ 2012 schedule. Each week, they’ll focus on a specific opponent and evaluate its matchups. The Chiefs will open the season against Atlanta at Arrowhead Stadium before moving on to New Orleans and Buffalo. Then they close the season against San Diego in divisional play.

The Chiefs are currently in last place in the AFC West. If the Chargers and San Diego lose, the Chiefs will move into third place. Otherwise, they will have to play the Colts and Bills to stay in the top three. The Chiefs have a worse record that the Chargers, and will need to play the Colts and Bills to get into the playoffs.

Jamaal Charles, the 2011 NFL’s second-leading running back, will return to the starting lineup in 2012. In the off-season, the Chargers added Peyton Hillis into their backfield. Charles should be fit for the 2012 season. He could be a good fantasy option, despite the absence of Peyton Hillis in their backfield. With such an advantageous 2012 schedule, Jamaal Charles may become an elite fantasy option.

The 2011 Kansas City Chiefs were a mess last season. They finished with a point differential between -214 and -313. They finished with a 3-13 record. It could have been a better result for the team, but it was a disappointing preseason performance. They did manage to win their final game. In addition, they had a better preseason record than in 2011 – a mark that can be considered excellent.

Kansas City Chiefs 2012 Schedule
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