Kim Karr Is a Real, Raw and Honest Author

Whether you’re looking for a new book to read or a great way to spend an afternoon, Kim Karr is the author for you. You’ll love her characters, their quirky personalities, and real stories. She loves to visit antique stores with her husband, attend fitness classes with her sons, and have coffee dates with her daughter. She lives with her husband in Florida and their four children.

Online negativity

Kim Karr’s presentation on how to fight online negativity is worth a listen. Her personal journey as a social media entrepreneur has inspired countless students and educators worldwide to clean up their online social media accounts. Karr spoke at Linton Hall School and encouraged parents to become familiar with the platforms their children use and to know their passwords. Parents should also create their own accounts on these platforms. A parent should comment positively under the child’s photos on the social media sites they use.

Protecting students is one of the most important things schools can do. Cyberbullying can have a devastating impact on a student’s self-esteem and self-worth. Kim Karr’s program, #iCANHELP, empowers students to speak up for themselves and take action when they notice negative posts on social media. It’s important for students to know that one person can help remove negative posts on social media and regain control of their own lives.

Daydreaming as a job

One of Kim’s favorite hobbies is daydreaming, and she does it as a profession. Her husband and sons take her to antique stores, and she enjoys attending fitness classes and discovering new coffee shops with her daughter. She enjoys reading books. She is also a business development manager. Kim Karr’s latest novel, Daydreaming As a Job for Kim Karr, will tell you what she does.

Kim Karr Is a Real, Raw and Honest Author
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