KIZ assets

KIZ is a German hip hop group from Berlin. The members are the three rappers Tarek, Nico and Maxim. Until 2018, Sil-Yan Bori (DJ Craft) was also part of the group. Her texts often contain a lot of black humor and irony, but also socially critical content. How rich is KIZ?

Hip hop formation. KIZ was founded in Berlin, Germany. KIZ assets is estimated at around 1.2 million euros. The three members of the KIZ began their careers in the Reimliga Battle Arena RBA. Tarek called himself “son-in-law”, Maxim “stepfather” and Nico “warm brother”. In the summer of 2007 the KIZ went on tour through Austria, Germany and Switzerland. On International Women’s Day 2011, KIZ gave a concert in Berlin Kreuzberg for the first time, which only women were allowed to attend.

Members: Tarek Ebéné (Tarek), Maxim Drüner (Maxim), Nico Seyfrid (Nico).
Nationality: German
His career began: 2000
Cooperation with: Kraftklub, Sido, Kollegah, arrest warrant, Henning May.

What are the assets of KIZ?
KIZ’s assets are currently € 1.2 million.

Record label: Vertigo Berlin, Universal.
Music genres: Hip-hop, alternative hip-hop.
Debut album: The Rap Germany Chainsaw Massacre (2005).

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KIZ assets

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