Lil Wayne Helps Nicki Up Stairs

lil wayne helps nicki up stairs 36194

Nicki can count on Lil Wayne to be there, no matter if it’s an elevator or a flight stairs. Both professionally and personally, the pair have a long history. The pair were asked to describe their favorite sex position during an IG Live session. While their answer was not exactly perfect, it’s close enough to be regarded as the best sex position.

Young Money boss Lil Wayne was kind enough send Nicki Minaj designer clothes as a gift. The two celebrated the occasion with their friends, including papa Bear. The rapper’s birthday party was also attended by Drake, but he failed to invite Nicki. Lil Wayne is Nicki’s longtime friend and collaborator, and it is a special moment for the two. Nicki did not open the gifts in front cameras and she didn’t unwrap them. However, Nicki did mention Diddy, who was there for the birthday celebration and gave out drinks for the guests.

Lil Wayne Helps Nicki Up Stairs
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