Lily’s Tacos in New Port Richey, FL

lilys tacos in new port richey fl 52694

Lily’s Tacos, a Mexican restaurant serving authentic Mexican food, is well-known for its birria and fresh, homemade recipes. Monique learned how authentic Mexican food was prepared in her grandmother’s kitchen. She plans to open a brick and mortar restaurant in March of 2021. Her philosophy is to create an enjoyable environment where you can experience authentic Mexican food.

The restaurant can be found at 3510 GRAND BLVD in New Port Richey, FL. Call (727) 494-7144 for more information. You can also visit their website. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lily’s Tacos has a wide variety of Mexican and Latin American cuisines. You’ll find herbs and spices that give Latin American dishes a distinct flavor. If you’re unsure about which ingredients you’d like, feel free to ask the staff for recommendations. There are also vegetarian options.

Lily’s Tacos in New Port Richey, FL
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