Liv Morgan Reveals a New Look

After teasing her fans with a retouched photo of herself, Liv Morgan is back with her new look. The SmackDown Women’s Champion recently uploaded a picture of herself with a photo-shopped brunette hair. She added an eye emoji to the post and wrote, “Stay Tuned!” Fiona Nova, a fan of wrestling, commented on the post.

Liv Morgan’s new look will make her more appealing and more attractive to fans. The former model still dresses up as Piggles, but has a more elegant style. Piggles, on the other hand, loves getting dirty in the mud! Morgan will be more appealing to male fans with the new look.

Although Liv Morgan has not revealed why she changed her look, fans are left wondering by her recent tweets. It could be a new attitude or a return to heel mode, but fans aren’t sure yet. The former Riott Squad member has long been popular with fans and was once a part of the Riott Squad.

During an August 12 edition of SmackDown, Morgan confronted Shayna Baszler during a contract signing segment. Morgan pushed Baszler through the table to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank. Morgan’s new look will help her become a serious contender for this title.

The new look is not entirely surprising, as she has previously revealed she’s cutting her hair short for videos. Fans are curious to see what she is up to. The retouched look could be a sign of a major change. Morgan is expected to portray an outcast character in “WWE” to appeal to a disenfranchised female demographic.

The change is not complete, but it is a hint at the new look Morgan is preparing to wear on SmackDown Live. The new look was posted on the wrestler’s Twitter account, which is a sign that the gimmick is being revamped. The video revealed her new look and teased her return with WWE. The new look isn’t fully pictured, but Stephanie McMahon has shared images of the new look.

Baszler isn’t happy with Morgan’s reign of champion. She was forced to tap out during her last summerslam bout when Morgan had both of her shoulders on the mat simultaneously. Rousey was also down when the referee decided to count to three.

Liv Morgan Reveals a New Look
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