Live Music in Las Palmas

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You might be curious about the type of music you will hear if you plan a trip to Las Palmas. This article will provide you with a complete list of Las Palmas live music performances and events. You can also find tour dates and upcoming festival information. You’ll find plenty to do in Las Palmas, no matter if you’re a music lover or a groover.

The composer Camille Saint-Saens visited seven Canary Islands and wrote several musical pieces, including a popular pasodoble called Saint-Saens. Later, he sent his scores to the director of the Las Palmas Music Band, who arranged a performance of the piece in the town. After the performance, Saint-Saens gave away a canarian grenadier to the town. However, Saint-Saens died at the age of forty-seven, so there’s no telling how long his work will be heard.

There are several live music venues in Las Palmas, including Mercado del Puerto, a modern food court. Every Thursday and Saturday, live music is offered at the Mercado del Puerto. Another place to hear live music is Clipper Italian restaurant in La Puntilla. The venue is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, and it’s also an ideal spot to catch a live band.

Live Music in Las Palmas
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