London Calling by The Clash

london calling by the clash 49014

The title track to ‘London Calling’ captures all the energy of the group and will go down as one of rock and roll’s loudest songs. Strummer’s passionate vocals are sure to captivate listeners. Listen to it with the volume on high, and you’ll see what I mean. London Calling is a punk rock anthem, which reveals The Clash’s ethical standards and heart.

The artwork on the London Calling album has a vintage look, drawing inspiration from old 78-rpm sleeves. Artist Ray Lowry designed the cover artwork, which is the same as the original Columbia sleeve. The 78-rpm blank sleeves have been replaced by LP sleeves that reflect classic rock, punk and psychedelic music. The LP also features a remastered version of Elvis Presley’s debut LP.

London Calling by The Clash
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