Magdalena Neuner’s fortune

Biathlete. Born on February 9, 1987 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Magdalena Neuner’s fortune is estimated at around 2.5 million euros.

Bourgeois name: Magdalena “Lena” Neuner
Magdalena Neuner spouse: Josef Holzer (married 2014)
Children: Verena Anna Holzer
Siblings: Anna Neuner, Paul Neuner Jr., Christoph Neuner.
Magdalena Neuner size: 1.65 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 2003

What is Magdalena Neuner’s net worth?
Magdalena Neuner’s assets are currently € 2.5 million.

Trainer: Bernhard Kröll
Books: Knitting felting with Magdalena Neuner
End of career: March 18, 2012
Is also often searched for: Miriam Gössner, Andrea Henkel, Laura Dahlmeier, Kati Wilhelm.

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Magdalena Neuner’s fortune

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