Make Your Fortune Offensive

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You can make your fortune offensive by pipering the output of a fortune into a script. A cleanfortune shell script will cache all fortune output and only echo the offensive words. It filters the output using grep and echo, and loops back to run the fortune again if the script finds an offensive fortune. However, you should only pipe the output into a script if you’re very particular about the fortune’s content.

This script pulls fortunes out of various dictionary files, including the Ambrose-Bierce dictionary. The associated.dat file is then deleted. While this leaves the data intact, the.dat file will no longer be recognized by fortune. This prevents fortune from locating the pointers file. The script also ensures that the message is read before the screen clears. It has a few other features, but most of the changes will be minor.

Firstly, offensive fortune cookies are delicious! You can even get them chocolate-dipped with offensive messages! But, beware: you can’t tell anyone if you’re eating the cookie. It is not permitted to look at the fortune before eating it. However, if you have close friends or colleagues, a fortune might come true. If you’re looking for a more realistic fortune, you can also eat a cookie and set it on fire.

Make Your Fortune Offensive
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