Manfred Maus fortune

Manfred Maus is a German entrepreneur. How rich is Manfred Maus?

Entrepreneur. Born on April 26, 1935 in Gottmadingen, Germany. Manfred Maus fortune is estimated at around 100 million euros. He was one of the DIY pioneers in Germany when, as a co-founder of OBI, he opened the first OBI store in Hamburg in 1970 and was CEO for many years before he took over as CEO in 2000. He held this position until 2004. Maus was also the first president of the Bundesverband Deutscher Heimwerker- und Heimwerkermärkte eV (BHB), which was founded in 1991, a position he held until 2006.

Bourgeois name: Manfred Maus
Manfred Maus size: 1.75 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1958
Awards: New Year’s Order

What is the net worth of Manfred Maus?
Manfred Maus’ assets are currently € 100 million.

Established organization: OBI
Is also often searched for: Emil Lux, Klaus Birker, Utho Creusen, Brigitte Hommerich.

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Manfred Maus fortune

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