Memorize These 6 Real Estate Marketing Strategies Before Selling a House in Orlando, FL

Memorize These 6 Real Estate Marketing Strategies Before Selling a House in Orlando, FL

When it comes time to sell your Orlando, Florida home, you may be wondering how you can get ahead of the competition. Even though the Orlando market is hot — with the average price of a home up to $357,876, which is up more than 11 percent over the last year, according to Zillow, marketing strategies are still important to help you get the most for your home. Working with a professional real estate agent can be the best way to get ahead, but having a general idea of effective strategies can be part of finding a path to success.

Study The Market

Homes aren’t sold in a vacuum, and knowing the market you will be up against can help price a home right so that it will be inline with other homes. Real estate agents create what’s called a Comparative Market Analysis (also known as CMA or comps) looking at three or four similar homes to see an average price estimate. With this information, a home is less likely to be priced too high or too low.

Get Ready For The Stage

When a home is transformed to show to potential buyers, real estate agents call this staging. The process of staging includes decluttering, cleaning and updating a home’s decor so it can appeal to a wide range of buyers. Painting rooms in neutral tones, adding tasteful artwork, and creating spaces that are clearly defined (such as a home office, or comfortable living room) can help potential buyers imagine life in a home.

Hire A Professional Photographer

Once a home is staged, it’s time to get it photographed to create images that will be a powerful marketing tool. It’s worth it to spend extra time and money to hire someone who has real estate photography experience. They will know the best time of day to shoot, as well as compositions that will show off your home’s best features. Photos can be used for online listings, social media posts, fliers, and even to create virtual open houses as part of a real estate marketing plan.

Use Creative Writing

Selling a home is about marketing more than a property, it’s also an experience. Descriptions for real estate listings that tell a story are more likely to attract buyers, and creative writing is part of that tool. Knowing a home’s best features and then forming a story around them can help buyers picture living in a home, similarly to how photos can. A list of keywords or phrases can be added anywhere to a marketing campaign to create a cohesive message.

Go Virtual

In an era of virtual everything, some buyers want to first view a home online. Offering the option for virtual open houses — whether live or pre-recorded, can help sellers get ahead by attracting a wider pool of buyers.

Reach Out To Your Network

Real estate marketing is spreading the word that a home is for sale. While digital is important, there is still power in an in-person network to talk about a home. Using storytelling can get people interested in your home whether at a social event or at work.

When you’re selling a home, a real estate agent can help you find the strategies to succeed.

Memorize These 6 Real Estate Marketing Strategies Before Selling a House in Orlando, FL

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