Merle Poodle – Important Facts to Consider When Choosing One As a Pet

Merle Poodles have a long lifespan, so they can live for many years. Their health declines with age and they are more susceptible to diseases than other breeds. These are some facts to keep in mind when you’re considering adopting one of these dogs as your pet. Continue reading to learn about the personality and characteristics of this breed. In addition, read on for information on grooming and health care. Here are some things to consider when choosing a Merle Puppy:

First, a Merle Poodle is not a true merle breed. It is the same behavior and appearance as a standard poodle. However, the Merle gene was introduced to Poodles by crossing the Poodle with a naturally Merle breed such as the Sheltie, or the Aussie. Therefore, it is a hybrid poodle with a mixed background. Unfortunately, these mixed-breed Poodles are also often the target of unscrupulous breeders who aim to make quick money from unscrupulous owners.

Merle Poodles are distinguished from their black and white counterparts by their color. Merle Poodles are usually smaller, but their temperaments are similar to those of their white and black counterparts. They can also be very expensive. Merle-colored puppies in the US can fetch upwards to $3,000 per puppy. Merle-colored puppies are highly desired.

While merle-colored poodles have an increased chance of being deaf and blind, the merle gene is also present in red, white, and cream-colored poodles. These poodles are intelligent and active and require lots of exercise. Merle poodles require daily grooming and exercise.

Many show breeders in the US ship larger AKC Mini boys to Europe. The resulting French poodles often have US Minis in their pedigrees. Therefore, it is easy to find 16-17″ Mini Poodles in the US. Fortunately, the Moyen is a hot marketing term in the US. It is the new Royal or Teacup in the Poodle world, and a few breeders have jumped on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, this has caused confusion and misunderstanding about this so-called new variety.

The Moyen Poodle is a descendant of the Standard Poodle. They typically weigh between 18 and 25 pounds, are intelligent, playful, and easy to train. They make great family pets due to their size. In short, they are a wonderful addition to any family. It’s a great companion for children and adults. This breed is one of the best dogs to have in your family. So, if you’re considering a Merle Poodle, read on for more information.

Toby, a Merle Puppy, is a friendly, playful, and loving dog. Toby loves to explore the outdoors and run alongside bikes and skateboards. He is great with children and other dogs. He is a great family dog because of his light eyes and well-proportioned physique. Toby stands seventeen inches high and weighs around 28 pounds. If you’re thinking of adopting a Merle Poodle, be sure to ask your breeder about his or her personality.

Merle Poodle – Important Facts to Consider When Choosing One As a Pet
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