Michael Haentje’s fortune

Michael Haentjes is a German entrepreneur who is the main shareholder and CEO of Edel AG, a German stock corporation based in Hamburg. How rich is Michael Haentjes?

Entrepreneur. Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1956. Michael Haentje’s fortune is estimated at around 75 million euros. Edel is a key figure in the European music and book publishing business. A large part of Edel’s turnover is generated through digital distribution, ie through downloads and streaming. Edel also operates service companies in the field of plate production, printing and logistics.

Bourgeois name: Michael Haentjes
Michael Haentjes size: 1.80 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1980

What is the net worth of Michael Haentjes?
Michael Haentjes’ assets are currently € 75 million.

Established organizations: Edel AG
Is also often searched for: Stephanie Schoss, Andreas Hoschke, Michael Janssen, Peter Hieronimi.

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Michael Haentje’s fortune

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