MidWest Puppy Playpen

MidWest puppy playpens are extremely portable and come with a convenient carry bag. Made of steel tubing and nylon, this playpen is sturdy and durable. It also features washable floor mats and two zippered mesh doors. It’s designed for indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the model, the puppy playpen may not be suitable for aggressive chewers. In order to prevent your puppy from chewing on it, consider getting a portable playpen with a removable bottom.

The MidWest homes foldable metal dog exercise pen can come in five different heights, ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches. These panels can be locked at different angles to restrict access. The gate locks securely, but clever puppies can open it. Available in four and six panel designs, this puppy playpen can accommodate dogs up to forty-four pounds. It’s also able to fold in half for easy storage. You can also purchase a dog playpen that fits a larger room.

The Midwest puppy playpen is easy to assemble. You’ll need to secure it to a wall using a set of metal rods. It’s also heavy enough that your pup can’t lift it up by itself. It’s a convenient way to keep your puppy contained and out of your children’s reach. If you’d like to use your playpen outdoors, the midwest puppy playpen doubles as a sturdy anchor stake.

These pens are also very spacious, with room for multiple dogs. They’re also perfect for larger breeds. The heavy-duty metal construction of these playpens makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in a range of heights, from forty inches to 48 inches. Moreover, you can customize the size according to your puppy’s growth. In addition to this, Midwestern puppy playpens are also waterproof and have a non-toxic finish.

MidWest puppy playpen is an excellent containment system for new puppies. It encourages your pup to relieve himself in the playpen. You can leave the playpen door open during the day and close it during the night. It comes with snappy-fit bowls and toys. The pans can be easily removed for cleaning. The floor is easily accessible and durable. With two points of access, the MidWest puppy playpen is easy to clean.

MidWest Puppy Playpens are compatible with MidWest Exercise Pen Sunscreen Top. Moreover, the playpen is made of a soft-touch floor grid for the puppy’s comfort. The grid is made of one inch squares, which is a personal recommendation. The slide-out trays are lined with paper towels, newspaper, or puppy wee-wee pads. Moreover, you can use bleach spray to prevent bacteria from growing. Besides, a portable system allows you to easily take it to a neighbor’s house, eliminating the need to rush home.

MidWest Puppy Playpen
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