Mike Brown – Cincinnati Bengals Owner

Whether you’re a fan of the NFL or just curious about Mike Brown’s net worth, you’re not alone. If you love the Bengals, you’ve probably wondered how much he makes. The Bengals have never made it to the Super Bowl, and the last time they did, they were under the leadership of George W. Bush. But things have changed a lot since then. Brown’s success is evident in Brown’s recent run to the Super Bowl, which we can all be grateful for.

Mike Brown, the Cincinnati Bengals’ owner, is 86 years old. His father founded the franchise. He rose through the ranks to become assistant general manager and finally team owner. Mike Brown was 56 when his father died. He took over the ownership of the team just five days before his birthday. His net worth was estimated at $925 million in 2015, which places him near the bottom of the NFL franchise owners.

In recent years, Brown’s net worth increased significantly. In 2002, he spent $6 million for 10% ownership of the Bengals, which were worth $507 million at the time. After Austin Knowlton’s death, he had already acquired a majority stake of the Bengals. Austin Knowlton was the owner of 30 percent of the Bengals at that time, and Brown purchased his estate for $200 million in 2011.

The stadium, also known as Paul Brown Stadium was built after a one-cent sales tax was added. It cost $455 million. The taxpayers paid for the stadium. The stadium’s name is Paul Brown Stadium, and the Brown family collected $50 million in salaries over a period of seven years. The team’s net worth is growing, as is its success. The current ownership stake is 97%.

Mike Brown is an entrepreneur with a large net worth. He is the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals. He started as a player before moving up the ranks to become assistant general manager in 1991. Mike Brown’s father, Paul Brown, founded the franchise, which is based in Massillon, Ohio. Paul Brown, his father, died in 1991. He took over the company after his father passed away. His most notable move was firing the popular coach Sam Wyche before the 1991 season.

Mike Brown – Cincinnati Bengals Owner
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