Mike Trout and the Philadelphia Eagles

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, Mike Trout has probably been a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. If so, you’ve likely noticed him on the field at home or in the stands. The six-time All-Star and two-time MVP grew up just 50 minutes from Philadelphia and regularly attended Eagles games with his dad, Jeff. Trout was just 13 when Donovan McNabb was beaten by Tom Brady in Super Bowl XXXIX, and has developed a close friendship with Carson Wentz, who has also given him souvenir footballs after touchdowns.

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently 4-8-1 on the season, but Trout’s recent success could lead to several more wins in 2020. Trout will be playing center field against Washington Football Team in Week 17, 2020. But he’s likely to make the jump. He may even be able to make the transition later this year when he takes over for Peter Bourjos.

Trout’s autographed jersey was signed in Sea Isle, New Jersey, and comes with MLB Authentication. It’s also available for purchase. You’ll also find some framed artwork that features Trout. He has signed a number of sports memorabilia, including the mike trout philadelphia eagles shirsey.

Don’t forget to get a beer or a glass wine while you’re there! The Eagles offer a wide range of beers from around the world, as well as many other beverages. Hot drinks such as hot chocolate and coffee are also available to purchase. There are even stands that serve hot chocolate for Eagles fans to enjoy in comfort.

After a Millville game, Mike Trout shifted his attention to baseball. He began to play fall baseball and bought season tickets to Eagles games. In 2016, he upgraded to six field-level seats near the South end zone. It was a way to stay connected to the game he loves so much. He was known to give away most of his footballs to children.

Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles lost a heartbreaking match to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Eagles needed a late-game comeback to win, but ended up falling short 28-22. Quarterback Jalenhurts finished the night 12-for-25, 115 yards and a touchdown. Running back Jalen sacking two Buccaneers players was a huge part of the comeback.

Several sections of the stadium have player tunnels. The Axalta Tunnel Club features 16 seats near the Eagles tunnel, and offers extra-wide padded seats with legroom. You can also get food service and USB charging stations. Inside the tunnel, you can find the Eagles’ tailgate club and meet the players. You can also meet ex-Eagles players and enjoy a pre-game buffet.

Mike Trout and the Philadelphia Eagles
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