Millstone Goldens

The millstone goldens are a small hobby breeder located in Clarkston, Michigan. The owners raise their dogs on the family farm, and many of them are involved in competitive activities such as Dock Jumping, Nosework, and CGC titles. The millstone goldens have been breeding dogs for more than 18 years and have produced over 100 therapy and service dogs. For those interested in the Millstone goldens, please read this article and find out more about the breed!

Millstones Goldens recently recalls a litter of puppies that had been infected by parvovirus. The puppies were brought home May 1, 2016, and diagnosed with parvovirus just a few days later. The breed is highly contagious, and the puppies are especially susceptible to the disease. The virus infected the first puppy that was brought home by the previous owners on May 1. The Millstones Goldens had been vaccinated against parvo virus at 2 weeks old and the owner has since refunded their purchase price.

Millstone Goldens is a Michigan-based breeder that specializes in the English type of Goldens. The dogs are raised in the breeder’s family home and are well socialized. Their owners are also provided with a raw diet that is carefully planned to ensure a healthy life. Consider this breeder’s story as well as the stories of their dogs if you are considering buying a Golden Retriever. You’ll be glad that you did.

This breeder has been breeding Goldens since over twenty years. He is well-known for his dedication to healthy dogs. The adult dogs are always tested for health issues, and the puppies are kept current on all vaccinations, de-worming, and vet visits. You can be sure that your dog is happy and healthy. Millstone Goldens are worth the investment. Make sure to look at their puppies. They will make a wonderful companion and be a great addition for any family.

The breeder has been breeding Goldens since 1978, and is an active member of multiple breed clubs, including the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Golden Retriever Club of America. Their dogs have won titles in agility and obedience, and they’re champions in the field. In addition to exhibiting their dogs in public, they also maintain a Facebook page for their puppies. What are you waiting for?! Call the breeder to meet your new best friend today!

Millstone Goldens
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