Monitoring Human Life from Space with CubeSat Camera

Monitoring Human Life from Satellite

8 Ways CubeSat Cameras Can Monitor Human Life

CubeSat cameras are specialized cameras that are attached to mini-satellites. A CubeSat camera can take incredible high-resolution images of the Earth, is much faster to build, and is cheaper to launch than traditional satellites. Let’s look at 8 ways a CubeSat camera can monitor human life from space!

1. Spot Signs of Famine

Poorly run countries are either unaware of the potential of famines or deliberately try to hide it from their citizens. With the power of a CubeSat camera, the early warning signs of a famine can be easily detected. CubeSat images can show crop failure, desertification, and drought. The international community can then rally together and provide solutions to ensure no one dies from hunger!

2. Monitor Population Growth

We all know how hard it can be to conduct an accurate population census, especially in the developing world. However, if governments want to effectively design cities and provide vital services such as water, electricity, medical care, and food, they need an accurate population figure. CubeSat cameras can take detailed pictures of urban sprawl, new construction, and expansion of shantytowns. Governments can compare CubeSat camera images to determine if a city’s population is growing, stable, or shrinking.

3. Keeping Tabs on Nuclear Power

Nuclear power and weapons are highly regulated. Very few nations are legally allowed to produce and keep these weapons, and the use of power plants must follow strict global guidelines. CubeSat cameras can monitor global nuclear plants and reveal if a country is secretly building nuclear weapons or running an illegal and dangerous nuclear plant. In 2021 satellite images showed that China is planning to greatly expand its nuclear weapon capability as it captured a new missile silo field in a remote part of the country.

4. Improving Agriculture

Agriculture from Space

CubeSat cameras are playing a key role in improving agricultural processes and stabilizing the world’s food supply. CubeSats can take detailed images of the land, which can highlight the state of crops, crop failure, soil condition, and more! Farmers can use this information to determine what crops they should grow, the ideal location, and what strategies they should implement to ensure a bountiful harvest. The hope is that by monitoring human life from space with CubeSat cameras, we can eliminate world hunger!

5. Monitoring the Oceans

We are incredibly reliant on our oceans! More than 3 billion people rely on seafood as their number 1 source of protein. CubeSat cameras can monitor our oceans for signs of pollution and overfishing. CubeSat images play a key role in keeping our oceans healthy and ensuring that our oceans are filled with plenty of nutritious seafood! CubeSat cameras can also increase the efficiency of fishing by tracking fish and determining movement patterns. Fishermen will never go home with an empty net if they successfully leverage satellite imaging technology!

6. Tracking Military Movement

Satellites were originally used for military purposes, and they are still incredibly effective at determining the size of a nation’s military, tracking their movements, and counting their equipment. Military analysts were able to predict Russia’s invasion of Ukraine weeks in advance by studying satellite camera images and determining that they were moving large amounts of equipment and manpower into attack formations at the border. By using CubeSat cameras, governments can more efficiently respond to threats and protect their citizens.

7. Finding Missing People

When people go missing in remote locations or during poor weather, it can be extremely difficult to find them. CubeSat cameras can scan massive areas of the globe and quickly detect irregularities which could be a missing person. For example, infrared CubeSat cameras can detect heat and help authorities find people who are lost at sea or stuck in the forest, or even on a mountain. Satellite technology makes searching for missing people cheaper, more efficient, and increases the chance of finding lost people alive!

8. Natural Disaster Prevention

Due to climate change, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense. CubeSat cameras are playing a pivotal role in detecting natural disasters, preventing them, and fighting them. One example is natural fires. CubeSat cameras can detect natural fires and show firefighters their intensity and movement direction. With this information, firefighters can develop highly targeted and well-informed strategies. CubeSat cameras can also highlight natural disaster damage and help authorities develop future prevention strategies. Authorities use satellite cameras to survey the damage of tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions and determine which areas need special attention.

The Final Words

CubeSat cameras have made monitoring human life from space fast, cheap and effective! CubeSat cameras are being used right now to avoid human rights abuses, prevent hunger, improve agriculture, heal the climate, and more! Thanks to CubeSat cameras, the world is a safer and healthier place!

Monitoring Human Life from Space with CubeSat Camera

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